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This years auction will be a virtual event and will showcase children's artwork, projects, and other various items from the community.  Proceeds from this event will support the revamping of JSLs outdoor spaces and building the second Madrona's structure. 

(See below for a video of what we anticipate building)


At JSL, being a partial outdoor preschool, we believe that quality education includes daily opportunities to connect with nature. Hands-on experiences in nature offer unique experiences to support young children's creativity, leadership and problem-solving skills, while enhancing children's cognitive abilities, social relations and self-control, which helps build happy, healthy children. With the impact COVID has had on the school, it has become even more apparent how vital the outdoors is for our school.


This virtual event will take place through our 32 Auctions event page. All bidding and purchasing will be made through this platform.


This is not a live event but will be available 24/7 during event dates of April 26th-30th. Please make sure to indicate your Venmo id and email so we can contact you for any payments and notify raffle winners.


Join our online event here:

All bidding and sales will be made through our online 32 Auctions Event page. All charges will be billed via Venmo after the event and available for pickup by May 14th.  

We have some wonderful items that will be available on our virtual auction!

Below are just a few items that will be available to purchase:

Family Zoo Tickets

Mini Golf Party Package

Custom cupcakes

A round of golf for 4

Happy Feet classes

Wine and Chocolate Basket

Kid/Toddler Gardening Basket

Reading Basket

Coffee/Breakfast Basket

Family Fun Basket

Picnic Basket

Staycation Basket

Movie Night Basket

2021 Survival Basket

Summer Fun Basket

Date Night in Basket

Plus so much more!